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    We’re more than just fun and games, we’re about giving back—in a big way—to make Minnesota an even better place to work, live and play. Every time you say I’MN, you help raise money for things that matter like education, health care, and our environment. We’ve given back more than $3 billion and, thanks to you, this number continues to grow every day.

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    Imagine, one day, you suddenly find a crumpled lottery ticket, and on cross-checking the numbers, you find that it's your luckiest day ever! Well, in reality, some people had been in the same situation. In this article, we will be discussing such incidents about people who got lottery tickets...
    What is the first thing that passes your mind when it comes to a winning lottery? Is it a considerable check worth millions? Or finding your name on all the newspaper headlines? Well, winning a lottery is one of the most common dreams that anyone can have regardless of age and social standards....
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